Assume that you have a magical car with unlimited fuel and every facility you want. Your car will take you wherever you want. You just need to give it direction. The only drawback with your magical car is that it will never stop. It will go on and on. You have to constantly give it direction and set your goals. If you don’t do so, the car will drive you wherever it finds a way – and that may be a road on which you just do not want to find yourself.

Our personal brand is just like that magical car. It has unlimited capability. The only thing that you need to do is drive it appropriately, giving it correct directions at all times; else your personal brand, like your car, will go anywhere.
Through this example, I would like to make you aware about the never-ending process of personal brand building. We are either consciously building our brand or our brand is unconsciously and automatically building itself. Giving correct direction to your magical car is very important. Your every action will communicate something to the world around you and that is how you build you brand. Increasing or decreasing your brand value, at any point of time in your life, will be in your hand. Whether your brand value goes up or down will be decided by the accumulation of your actions.

Kid jumping

Your brand building process is on-going and it works for you 24x7x365.

Some brands never die; they continue to influence people for many generations without any physical presence. Some examples are Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln. These people are the epitomes of peace and honesty, something they achieved simply through their actions.

So, make each action count. Build your brand in such a way that your brand value will remain high for many decades.

Wish you all the best!