Build your Brand

Leadership – Emotions – Personal Brand

Path of leadership is all about facing challenges in a difficult situation, the consciousness of personal brand will help the leader to enhance leadership to get better results.

Build your Brand

Be an Excellent Pilot of your Personal Brand

Listen to your body, mind, and heart and then talk to yourself. Build your BRAND inside first.

Build your Brand

Put your ‘Indicator On’ on the path to achieving your Goals

All of us have our goals and targets throughout our lifespan and our actions towards reaching out to these goals contribute to our personal brand building. Let us discuss one of the many important aspects that we tend to ignore during the journey towards achieving our goals. The point is to put an INDICATOR ON

Build your Brand

Do you know… You are building your personal brand 24x7x365!

Assume that you have a magical car with unlimited fuel and every facility you want. Your car will take you wherever you want. You just need to give it direction. The only drawback with your magical car is that it will never stop. It will go on and on. You have to constantly give it

Learning from Best Brand

Great brands never quit…

Success and failure are parts of life. Our future depends on how we handle success or failures. Generally failure leads to frustrations, disappointments and finally people quit. If we observe behavior of great personal brands, one thing is commonly found that ,they never ever quit or give-up due to difficulties and failures. I was reading

Build your Brand

Why ‘WHY’ is so important for creating your Brand

Why ‘WHY’ is so important for creating your Brand Mainly we communicate in three categories. What, How and Why…Let’s check among them why ‘Why’ is so important for Brand building process. Brief about all three categories: Under ‘What’ category, we basically talk about activities, achievements, experience, personal stories, people, products, place, etc. Under ‘How’ category,

Build your Brand

Simple Rules that Build your Brand Strong

Simple Rules that Build your Brand Strong Strong personal brand means your strong presence. Strong presence suggests your ability to have effective relationships with people. Now let’s see in general, how we manage our relation with various people around us who play a crucial role for creating our brand. Also, we will check the impactful