What is the most important thing in this world for us?

I believe self-existence comes first, then we can expect the perfect functioning of our body, mind, and soul. Immediately next is we can start thinking of our purpose and goals of this life. I think a similar way, for any organization their existence is on topmost priority. Top management, leaders, and employees are their mind, body, and soul respectively. They work to define and deliver organizational goals.

Internal communication plays a very vital role in the existence of any organization.

Now, let’s assume that our body is an organization and different organs are various departments and functions of it. In our body, every organ communicates with each other in a very systematic, appropriate and defined manner. We can assume the mind is the Management Group of our body, who decides the road map for achieving the goals of life.

The successful and healthy life of any individual depends on how he carries his thoughts, how his mind and body synchronize to perform at an optimum level.

Similar way for any organization their internal communication system vital for its existence. The healthy organs (departments/ internal functions) with effective internal communication helps ensure that all members of the organization are working collaboratively towards a common goal.

Let’s take an example of a personal scenario with the organizational scenario to understand it in a better way.

So a good internal process leads to the best possibility for achieving personal as well as organizational goals. 

For any organization, employee dissatisfaction leads to poor customer service and ultimately it reduces overall productivity. 

Here we can say that employee contentment and satisfaction should be the first priority for the organization. And employee communication is vital in the process of sustainable growth of any organization.

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace

– Doug Conant 

I welcome your view on this perspective.

Thank you