As we know, emotions are driving force for any leader. Now let us put a new angle to this by adding Personal Brand into Leadership and Emotions. In the leadership role, self-awareness and consciousness on Personal Brand for any leader can change the leadership style.

Personal brand for any leaders is driven by emotions. Path of leadership is all about facing challenges in a difficult situation. How do you handle this situation is dependent on managing emotions. That means your personal brand is always on a stake during such tough and challenging condition.

During any such challenging situation, if any leader conscious about his reputation of a personal brand, does it really help him as a leader? Does it change his original style of leadership? Does it really impact on overall aim or goal?

Let’s check both the scenario.

In any challenging situations, if a leader is conscious of his personal brand, the following could be the possibility.

  • In such a situation, the leader control his extreme emotions well, because he is conscious of his personal brand, this will help him personally and as a leader.
  • Increase his reputation as a matured leader and ultimately gain personal brand credibility.
  • While focusing more on a personal brand, in many cases leader might lose his original leadership style, this could be one of the negative aspects.
  • Awareness of personal brand will always help to track personal leadership goals.

If a leader does not conscious about his personal brand in a tough and challenging situation, let’s see what could be the possibility.

  • This is a natural leadership style, where leader behave and express as he is
  • If you do not control yourself in such an extreme situation, there is a fair chance of losing your track, and increase chances of errors. This will affect your overall targets.
  • Losing self-control means, losing a followers.
  • A  Leader may not able to track his personal leadership goals.

In my view, focus on personal branding as a leader will definitely help to your leadership. It is not about the self-promotion but it is about the enhancing leadership style.

I am sure there are so many other important aspects, other than mentioned above, I welcome you to give your perspective on the relation between Leadership – Emotions – Personal Brand.

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.
– Zig Ziglar

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