All of us have our goals and targets throughout our lifespan and our actions towards reaching out to these goals contribute to our personal brand building. Let us discuss one of the many important aspects that we tend to ignore during the journey towards achieving our goals.

The point is to put an INDICATOR ON to give a correct signal at appropriate time throughout our journey.

Let me correlate this with a simple example. Let’s assume you are on your road trip and you know the place where you want to reach but you do not know the exact road map to the destination, so you are taking help of Google map. Once you start your journey, you take many turns… move to the left or right, change from one lane to another, and ups and downs. While you are traveling, you are not alone on the way. So many people traveling on the same road and crossing your path while they are on their individual journey.

One important thing that you do throughout your road trip is to put your indicator on to give a correct signal of your intention with your direction indicators at each junction. This helps other travelers to give you a way to let you move ahead in your journey. Giving correct indication at an appropriate time will help you to avoid any confusion and eliminate the chances of an accident. Finally, you will reach your destination safely and timely.

Similarly, while achieving your goals and targets; are you really putting your indicator on so others can help and support you to give way for your journey? Here we need to share our vision, plan, actions, and goals at specific junctions with appropriate people.

Generally, we do not share such things with others, and we assume they will understand it themselves. However, this ends up in chaos, which leads to an accident occurs and thus missing the opportunity.

Once you have declared your vision, goals, and plans for all the concerned people, it becomes a smooth journey towards the achievement of the same. While building your personal brand thorough achievement of your vision, we may also help others to have smoother functioning of their goals so as to work in harmony.

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Tips to build a personal brand

Tips to build a personal brand