Why ‘WHY’ is so important for creating your Brand

Mainly we communicate in three categories. What, How and Why…Let’s check among them why ‘Why’ is so important for Brand building process.

Brief about all three categories:

  • Under ‘What’ category, we basically talk about activities, achievements, experience, personal stories, people, products, place, etc.
  • Under ‘How’ category, we basically talk about process, method, how things happen, etc.
  • Under ‘Why’ category, we communicate intention, purpose, ideas etc.

Let’s check, to whom and how are we communicating.

On daily basis, we communicate with our family members, friends, colleagues, customers, vendors and of course with our self through self talk. We do have face to face communication or indirect communication (through various social platforms). Our communication to all of these people decides our brand value.

Now let’s check-out our communication pattern with different people.


As you see the chart, whenever we communicate with self, family members or with our close friends, we efficiently communicate ‘Why’ part with them. For example, we always share our intentions, various ideas and purpose with our close ones. You may have noticed, whenever we communicate our intention or ideas with close ones, it comes naturally and from the bottom of our heart. Here you express your own thoughts and feelings. This will connect very fast and generate great amount of trust & confidence in relationship. Strong relationship is base of strong brand.

Now, let’s check our communication pattern at workplace or at our business. Most of the time we talk on ‘What’ part and some times we talk about ‘How’ part. Here, we talk about people, product, places, activities, achievements, experience, personal stories, etc. Such kind of communications are routine for many of the people, they keep on doing the same every day. This is their habit. Such communications are so common that you will forget what you discussed last day. But you keep on repeating the same everyday. This kind of communication has no long lasting impression.

Whenever we communicate around ‘What’ & ‘How’ without strong present of ‘Why’, we will miss our opportunity to build strong relationship.

Point to be remembered, while communicating, focus on sharing your intention, purpose & ideas. The perfect communication system start with Why, How & then what.

Note: Result of above chart may very person to person.